Zojirushi NP-NVC10 Pressure Rice Cooker

Product Name:NP-NVC10
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  • An intelligent cooker that takes the process of cooking to a whole new level

If there’s one thing we’ve come to learn about Japanese tech, it is that for the most part they are sturdily built and packed full with innovation, Zojirushi resonates this belief with the NP-NVC10 induction heating pressure rice cooker.


Rice cooker

The Zojirushi NP-NVC10 is a 1.0-liter induction heating pressure cooker, specially designed to handle all forms of rice cooking. From Sushi rice to brown rice, porridge rice, mixed rice and everyday white rice the Zojirushi is packed with loads of innovative features to help you achieve your rice cooking needs.

Getting the facts right – what is an Induction cooker

In an induction cooking system, the whole cooking pot is the heating element; compared to conventional electric cookers where the cooking pot gets heated by a separate heating coil at its base. Practically, induction rice cookers outperform conventional cookers in terms of thermal efficiency (the ability to produce and deliver heat) and energy savings, but that’s not all.

Because Induction rice cookers apply heat from all sides of the pot, they deliver well cooked and tastier meals than their regular counterparts, at a fraction of the time. Also, induction cookers, consequent of their design are more precise with temperature regulation and adjustments. So if you’re looking to win a cooking contest, and your killer dish requires you to change the temperature from 4000F to 1500F in the space of say 5 seconds, induction cookers allow you to do so with relative ease.

What we liked

Artificial intelligence in a rice cooker!

You’ve probably heard of AI before, in smart cars and smartphones, but in a rice cooker, doubt you’ve come across that. Indeed Zojirushi’s ‘advanced fuzzy logic’ is an industry first. The AI tech allows the rice cooker to learn automatically, adjust and then improve your cooking experience. The cooker remembers what capacity of rice you frequently cook, how you normally cook it and other minor details. With this information, the cooker automatically programs itself when next you want to prepare your favorite dish.

Fuzzy logic also takes into cognizance other fluctuating external factors, so, in the winter, when household water temperature is noticeably cooler, the cooker realizes this and auto moderates any setting you input to account for this deficit – If you keep the cooker open for extended periods, its lid sensor keeps track of how long and after calculating how much rice is left in the pot, automatically readjusts all previous settings to keep your rice warm and tasty. Amazing right?

Platinum Infused Non-stick pot

A non-stick pot is standard for any cooker at the Zojirushi rice cooker’s level, platinum infusion, on the other hand, is a rarity. And it’s not just gimmicky titles, platinum infusion means your rice, whichever way you decide to cook it will come out tastier. The technology works by increasing the alkalinity of the cooking water which conversely breaks down the numerous proteins covering your rice grains. The result is that more water permeates the interior of the rice, releasing more ‘ricey’ flavors.

Cook rice whichever way you want to

The Zojirushi rice cooker is probably the most versatile induction rice cooker we’ve come across. This technical masterpiece is guaranteed to turn you into a rice connoisseur. Zojirushi manages to incorporate an impressive five-piece custom menu that includes settings for cooking;

  • Traditional white rice
  • Brown rice
  • Mixed rice
  • Porridge rice
  • Sushi rice
  • And more interestingly GABA brown rice

Wondering what GABA brown rice is? Well, turns out that one valuable nutrient contained in brown rice called GABA (short for gamma-aminobutyric acid) is lost through conventional methods of cooking rice. TO harvest this nutrient, the Zojirushi rice cooker soaks your brown rice in water at 1040F for 2 hours. During this period the GABA present in the brown rice is ‘activated’ and released into your cooking; a pretty nice feature when you consider the fact that GABA plays an essential role in proper brain functioning.

Aside these custom rice cook modes, the Zojirushi rice cooker also has professional chef styled settings;

You can release the ‘Umami’ flavor in your rice by selecting the Umami setting, or lightly toast your rice for that crispy crunch with the ‘Scorched setting.’ There’s even an extended warm setting to help you transform three-day old rice to freshly cooked rice.

Durable and exotic Build

One quick glance at this induction rice cooker and you can tell that no cost was spared in making this rice cooker. The body and lid of the cooker are made out of premium grade aluminum; its lid is also detachable to allow for easy access and washing. As a safety measure, the NX spots a lid filter, a pressure control valve and a backup safety valve for reinforcement. All this is complemented by a pressure indicator docked on the well-lit colored display.

To round it all up Zojirushi includes a complimentary spatula, measuring cup and spatula holder; talk about a complete package

Check Out the Zojirushi NP-NVC10 Pressure Rice Cooker Here:

What We Disliked

The Zojirushi rice cooker costs a whopping $370, fair to say that this is not cooker for people with a tight budget. It goes without saying, however, that the Zojirushi rice cooker with its high tech features is worth every penny spent.


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