Instant Pot IP-DUO80 Rice Cooker

Product Name:IP-DUO80
Brand:Instant Pot
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Instant Pot DUO80


Jack of all trades but this time master of all

In a cooking industry where manufacturers routinely debut specialized pressure cookers each designed to cater for specific cooking needs, the Instant Pot DUO80 breathes a fresh air of universality.


The Instant Pot DUO80 is an 8 Quarts 1200 watts electric pressure cooker crafted to handle virtually all of the cooking needs of the 21st-century kitchen. The cooker ships from factory with seven distinct cooking modes representative of 7 different cookers plus a custom setting to prepare yogurt; it is indeed the king of Universality.

What we liked

A cooker that cooks almost everything

cooks most foods

The Instant pot DUO80 is a compact combination of a pressure cooker, a steamer, a rice cooker, a suate/browner, a slow cooker and an exquisite yogurt maker. This impressive multi-function spec sheet grants it the capability to handle virtually any cooking task thrown at it; from multigrain meals to stews, poultry, beans, meat, rice and a whole lot of other foods – its factory programmed custom modes are very much available to save you the stress of manual programming, when you need to cook your favorite dish.

If you’ve got a specialized cooker that you’ve grown accustomed to and you value the relationship between that cooker and you, then it might not be in your best interest to get the instant pot rice cooker, since the most likely scenario to play out is one where the former gets relegated to the basement. This is because the instant pot DUO80 doesn’t just cook almost everything, it does an excellent job of cooking everything tastily. For a fact, the instant pot rice cooker’s performance levels trump that of many specialized cookers on the market today.

Easy to use minimalistic interface

instapot duo 80

For a pressure cooker with so many functions, one would expect the instant pot rice cooker to feature complicated and cumbersome controls. The tech team at Instant pot has, however, done their homework. The controls of the DUO80 docked on its center console are easily programmable and concise enough to get used to. A simple LCD screen displays selected options and real time information about the state of the pressure cooker.

Instant pot also includes a detailed instructions manual that covers virtually all operations and functions that come bundled with the cooker.

Top tier build and safety features

Being a pressure cooker, we expected no less in term of its build quality, and safety features, the instant pot rice cooker did not disappoint. Its cooking chamber is made out of 3 –ply highly durable food–grade stainless steel; on its exterior is brushed stainless steel, the kind that hardly picks up any dirt or stains. An automatic pressure regulator makes certain that the pressure levels within the cooker remain within the standard benchmarks and a safety lid places the cooker on lockdown so long as its interior is still under high pressure. Instant pot also includes a dual electric and temperature fuse that automatically shuts down the system if any of the two values exceed critical limits – rest assured that this pressure cooker is designed to withstand the stress and strains of cooking under pressure.

What we didn’t like

The instant pot DUO80 is a bulky pressure cooker, expect it to take up a bit of your kitchen shelf space. This bulky nature is however justified when you take into consideration its massive volume- at 8 quarts the instant pot will comfortably handle the cooking needs of a nuclear family and their extended relatives.



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