Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Rice Cooker 

Product Name:MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central 6-Quart Multi-Cooker
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Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Rice Cooker (Size 6 Quart)

Cuisinart rice cooker

The functionality of three Cookers packed into one compact cooker –

Founded in 1973 Cuisinart is one name most buyers associate with quality and with the MSC-600 3 in 1 Cook Central the company shows why it’s a trusted brand name in the market of consumer cooking appliances


The Cuisinart MSC 3 in 1 cooker like its name aptly describes is a multi-purpose cooker designed to cater for a wide variety of cooking needs. It comes bundled with three programmable slow cook, brown/saute and steam modes and the added functionality of custom auto, low, simmer, high or warm settings. If you’re a fan of well-tenderized foods and slow cooked recipes the MSC spots all the features you’d ever need.

What we liked

See-through Glass Lid with always cool handle

No longer do you have to raise the lid to check out your food, the Cuisinart MSC 600 transparent glass cover gives you a clear view of your cooking as it sizzles in real time. The tempered and stainless steel rimmed lid also features a conveniently placed thermo-resistant handle that stays cool even when the cooker’s interior temperature maxes out at 4000f, ensuring that only your cooking gets the heat treatment.

6-quart capacity Non-Stick Aluminium pot

Cuisinart has managed to squeeze a voluminous 6-quart Teflon coated Aluminium pot into the compact build of the MSC 600. Cooks looking for something that can handle the cooking needs of a nuclear family and double as a party cooker if need be would find the MSC particularly fitting. Teflon coating means your fries and delicacies won’t stick to the base or side of the pot. The Cuisinart MSC 600’s cooking pot is also fully removable, a feature that is often omitted in cookers within the same price range as the MSC.

Easy to Use Programmable LCD console

The Cuisinart rice cooker ships with a futuristic console that allows you to set your preferred cooking setting with relative ease. This piece of tech affords you to the flexibility to choose from the Cuisinart rice cooker’s native three tone browning/sautéing, steaming and slow cook settings. So, whether it’s a slow cook to tenderize your chicken wings or a 5 second steam of your leafy vegetables, all are available with just a push of the button. What’s more, the cooker comes with an auto-moderate feature that automatically switches from cook to warm mode when your food is done cooking – no more burnt cooking.

And as a cherry topping the cake, The Cuisinart MSC 600’s brilliant LCD makes sure that you’re always informed of what’s going on in the cooker unit, even when you’re 12 yards away!

Premium Performance

Apart from spotting a sturdy and durable build, the Cuisinart rice cooker packs one of the best heating systems in the market today. The unit’s temperature rating starts from 150oF and extends way up to an impressive 400oF; you can basically transform bone to waffles with this cooker. Cuisinart has also gone the extra length to also include a batch of accessories including a recipe booklet and handy steam rack.

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What We Disliked

If you are on a tight budget, the Cuisinart MSC 600 may not be for you, as it is one of the pricier cookers available on the market. However, the price point is justified considering the high quality and performance the MSC delivers.


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