Aroma Professional 8-Cup Digital Cooker

Product Name: Professional 8-Cup Digital Cooker
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Aroma Professional 8 Cup Cooked Digital Rice Pressure Cooker

Aroma rice cooker

Cooking has never been this fast

Cooking is an everlasting hobby for most people. That said, the time it takes to prepare tasty meals is one aspect of cooking almost everyone dislikes. The Aroma professional rice cooker looks to transform cooking from a pleasant but nonetheless time-consuming experience to a brief and exciting prospect.


The Aroma professional rice cooker is one of the flagbearer cookers of Aroma brand. It is an 8-cup digital pressure cooker designed to cook the most sumptuous rice meals. However, its expertise does not stop at rice cooking; the cooker is also an excellent choice for cooking meat, soup, poultry beans and a whole lot of other grains.

What we Liked

A minimalist rice cooker that does its one job well

Quite contrary to the industry trend of manufacturing cookers that comes bundled with virtually every cooking mode/setting, the Aroma rice cooker is specialized cooker that performs outstandingly well at its specialty. The cooker is bereft of the many cumbersome controls commonplace with cookers today; it ships with minimalist center console flanked by dedicated buttons for each cooker setting. With the Aroma professional rice cooker you don’t have to spend countless hours studying the cooking manual – simply take it out of its packaging and select your desired cook mode, it’s as easy as ABC.

An efficient cooker for a bargain price

The absence of excess customization and features makes it possible for the Aroma rice cooker to start at around $60. Similar pressure cookers laced with what many have described as unnecessary features cost a pocket crunching $350. Make no mistake, however, the aroma is a quality buy. Its interior is coated with non-stick materials; the same kind spotted in pricier options and on the outside the cooker spots a brushed aluminum encasement, again the same type you get when you pay $350. Safety wise the story is the same as the aroma is buffed up with industry standard safety features, including a 7 step mechanism for preventing mishaps and a high-quality pressure seal.

Perhaps the fastest pressure cooker in the market

Pressure cookers are meant to be fast, and while the aroma is regarded to be one of the cheaper pressure cooking options, its price point has no effect on its performance. The cooker is arguably the fastest pressure cooker available on the market today; reportedly scaling down cooking times to just 30% of the of the original duration – that’s a record very few cookers can match.

You can See Its Features Here:

Aroma features

What we didn’t like

  • Limited capacity

With an estimated capacity of 8 cups uncooked and 4 cups cooked rice, the aroma is no doubt a small cooker. That said when you remember that this cooker costs just 49.92, it is easy to forget its limited capacity.



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