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Q. What if I don’t eat my cooked rice right away?

A. Life’s unpredictable, and sometimes you might plan your dinner timing perfectly but still end up with your rice cooked 30 minutes before your main entree is ready. Or something might come up to push back dinner time. But don’t worry, your meal needn’t be ruined – most rice cookers have a “keep warm” function that keeps your cooked rice warm without burning or overcooking it.

Q. Should I buy a rice cooker with a glass or metal lid?

A. While it isn’t our main decision factor, a glass lid can be useful for keeping an eye on how your rice is cooking. If you’re stuck between two models you like equally, we recommend the one with a glass lid.

Q. Can I cook anything other than rice in my rice cooker?

A. This depends on the make and model of rice cooker you choose. Often, the more basic rice cookers are better at cooking non-rice foods than ones with neuro-fuzzy logic or induction cooking, as these are specially designed to “know” how to cook perfect rice. Non-rice foods that you might be able to make in your rice cooker include other grains, steamed vegetables, soups, stews, and risotto.