Best Rice Cooker Brands

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Instant Pot Rice Cookers

One of the most impressive rice cookers on the market today, the Instant Pot also doubles as a pressure cooker and a slow cooker – giving you the most “bang for your buck”. You’re going to fall in love with everything that this rice cooker brings to the table if versatility is what you’re after.


Zojirushi Rice Cookers

top rice cooker brandsFar and away one of the best Japanese rice cooker brands that money can buy right now, this particular brand produces some of the most beloved rice cookers in Japan and throughout Asia. They might cost you a little bit more at first, but they are worth every penny.


Panasonic Rice Cookers

Another Japanese brand (surprise, surprise), Panasonic is a more budget focused rice cooker brand than anything else. Perfect for those that want to buy their first rice cooker before fully committing to a full-blown kind of setup, you aren’t going to be disappointed by what the Panasonic brings to the table.


Aroma Rice Cookers

An American brand that has definitely been making some inroads against the Japanese competition (mostly by innovating many of the solutions that they have helped to pioneer), Aroma makes very versatile rice cookers that are a welcome addition to nearly any kitchen that regularly prepares this kind of food.


Tiger Rice Cookers

One of the “gold standard” Japanese brands of rice cooker equipment, you simply cannot go wrong when you decide to add a Tiger to your kitchen. Very Western friendly, you’ll be able to effortlessly set up this rice cooker in your home and begin to use it straight out of the box – producing perfectly prepared rice with zero headache or hassle to speak of.